Body Decomposition

Flesh - Bloat

Image of a Bloated Decomposing body
Image of a Fresh Decompsing body

In the stage Flesh, it starts immediately when the heart stops. Since the blood has stopped pumping around the body, the blood is drained to dependent body portions under gravity. Causing the body discolouration. 3-6 hours after the death the body's muscular tissues become rigid (rigour mortis).

Image of skeleton down arrow

Bloat - Active Decay

Image of an Active Decay Decomposing body
Image of a Bloated Decomposing body

In the stage Bloat, anaerobic metabolism takes place, which leads to the accumulation of different gases. (Methane, carbon dioxide, & hydrogen sulphide) The body starts to show signs of bloating, which can cause ruptures in the body.

If insects have access to the body, they can quicken the bloating stage as they feed on the tissue of the body. Causing parts of the body to rupture of fluids and gases to leave the body resulting in a strong decaying odder.

Image of skeleton down arrow

Active Decay - Advanced Decay

Image of Advanced Decay body Decomposing
Image of Active Decay body Decomposing

In the stage Active Decay the body losses a great deal of mass, due to the possibility of incest’s feeding and fluids purging the surrounding area. The fluid accumulating around the body results in CDI (Cadaver Decomposition Island).. The body’s tissues begin to disintegrate.

Image of skeleton down arrow

Advanced Decay - Skeletonization

Image of a skeleton
Image of advanced decay decompsing body

In the stage Advanced Decay there isn’t much of the body left. There will also be reduced insect activity.

In stage skeletonization, all that is left of the body is dried skin, bones and cartilage. If the body is exposed to elements it will become bleached, and if no tissue remains it will be completely skeletonized.

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Cold Water Decomposition

Gif of a body decompsing in cold water

Warm Water Decomposition

Gif of a body decomposing in warm water

The way a body decomposes in the ground is very different than how it decomposes in water. Did you know that the temperature of the water can affect the way the body decomposes as well? The body takes longer to decomposes in cold water due to adipocere which is a yellow substance that forms from the fat of the body creating a protective layer. While the body in the warm water will decompose faster without this protective layer and creatures feeding off it.

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Decomposition Timeline

24 -72 hours after death

Internal organs begin to decompose

3-5 days after death

Body starts bloating. Blood-containing foam begins leaking from mouth and nose

8-10 days after death

Massive decomposition of organs in abdomen accumulate massive gas; body turn from green to red because of blood decomposition

Several weeks after death

Nails and teeth begin to fall out

1 month after death

Body starts to become fluid