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about the red squirrel

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The story behind 'The Red Squirrel' dates back to my professional experiences of working with others during a successful University career. During this time I educated many 1000's of aspiring professionals on the subject of skills development in preparation for graduate life. Top of the list was 'the art and skill of working effectively with others'. I knew that this presented challenges not only for me but also for many people, particularly in highly pressured work environments. We all have to manage many different types of relationships on a daily basis, so it's no surprise that employers are keen to point out that this is a particularly significant aspect of career success.

As we all know, some relationships are positive, energising and rewarding whilst others can be very challenging and result in feeling of being drained, powerless, frustrated and utterly stressed out. At one point I recalled felling that 'on a bad day' my world felt grey and lack-luster, rather like a dull grey squirrel. Over a period of several years I made it my quest to research this relationship management issue and as a result I developed a range of powerful, yet easily understandable concepts, usable tools, and techniques to address the problem of how to use our energy effectivley around others. In essence, I wanted to help people to work in away that gave them choices so that they could respond to tricky situations in a way that both empowered and energised them and others too. The metaphor of a 'bright eyed bushy tailed' red squirrel sprung to mind and that is how The Red Squirrel...Daring to be Different came into being!


about Angela Tomkins

Image of Angela Tomkins

Angela Tomkins is a highly experienced personal development consultant who is passionate about the wellbeing of her clients.

Throughout her career Angela has consistently offered learners the opportunity to develop an individual strategies to support personal and professional lives so that they can become resilient and empowered in the modern, often stressful world.

She works with caring, compassionate and respectful attitude for the wellbeing of others, tackling life's 'ups and downs' creatively and empathetically. A keen baker, she will always include a tasty morsel or two of something delicious at each workshop.(To aid the learning process, of course!)

Angela has received numerous accolades for innovation in learning during a 25-year career in Higher Education. She is a Fellow of the Higher Education Academy and in 2005 was awarded a Teaching Fellowship at the University of Gloucestershire. She is also a qualifed Learshop Coach wiht Blue Sky International and is a Member of the Chartered Institue of Personal Development (CIPD).

You can read more about Angela's professional qualifications and experience on LinkedIn.