the red squirrel



The story behind 'The Red Squirrel' dates back to my professional experiences of working with others during a successful university career. Read More...



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session 1

Empowering Yourself in a Stressful World - empower yourself by knowing and managing yourself better.

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session 2

Improving Your Relationship Dynamics - enhance your interpersonal effectiveness by learning to respond rather than to react.

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session 3

Developing Responsiveness - using self-awareness to identify and apply a range of effective responses to everyday situations.

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session 4

The Art and Skill of Positive Conversations - how to get the best out of yourself and others in day-to-day conversations.


what red squirrel offers

The Red Squirrel offers you the opportunity to learn about 'the art and skill of less stressful personal and professional relationships'.


what red squirrel approach

The Red Squirrel approach is to provide a series of fun, experiential 'mini sessions' that have been created from Angela's first hand experience of today's high-pressured work environments combined with a deep knowledge and understanding of how to approach relationship challenges.

Each relaxing mini-session helps to develop an understanding of personal responses to relationship experiences, enabling you to make considered and positive choices that conserve your energy and reduce your levels of stress. As a result you can learn to more effectively and efficiently respond to people in the world around you.