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Each mini-retreat provides a light hearted, nurturing, engaging and highly personalized way of experiencing the 'daring to be different' approach. These have been dsigned to run sequentially over four weeks to give you time to reflect and apply what you are learning in day-to-day situations. They are delivered either one-to-one or in small groups.

2.5 hours each week for 4 weeks


mini session 1: empowering yourself in a stressful world

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empower yourself by knowing and managing yourself better.

Much emphasis is placed on the ability to perform, particularly with regards to technical and intellectual intelligence however relationship building and teamwork can be overlooked, leading to stress! This mini session provides the opportunity to learn about emotional intelligence and how it is linked to stress. With greater awareness of internationally acclaimed models of 'emotional intelligence', this session provides an opportunity to practice a range of simple to learn techniques to help you recognise and manage your emotional responses in stressful situations leading to enhanced wellbeing and happiness at work.


mini session 2: improving your relationship dynamics

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enhance your interpersonal effectiveness by learning to respond rather than to react.

Are you familiar with any of these scenarios? Too much to do in a limited time, 'bossy' bosses, people not taking responsibility for their work, having to do the work others should be doing, aggressive behaviours from others, feeling that creativity has disapered under a sea of processes and procedures. Help is at hand! During this session you will discover the power of Functional Fluency. Functional Fluency is about Maximising Interpersonal Effectiveness. Using this internationally acclaimed model and Angela's in depth knowledge of applying it, you will explore the model and learn how to use it to develop "positive and flexible ways of responding to each other in ways that help us to communicate well" (Susannah Temple PhD 2014)


mini session 3: developing responsiveness

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using self-awareness to identify and apply a range of effective responses to everyday situations.

During this session you will learn how to apply your knowledge and skills to your own experiences as well as to a series of case studies such as, "I'm in a team, certain individuals don't get on, this makes me feel frustrated and I sense I'm the one being blamed. I know I have great ideas to offer but I'm being ignored and I'm not happy".


mini session 4: the art and skill of positive conversations

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how to get the best out of yourself and others in day-to-day conversations.

During this session you will learn how to create the dynamics to enhance your ability to better understand yourself in order to understand others and develop more positive conversations.


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