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these are just some testimonials which are from clients in which have gone through my sessions.


Mark, 22

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I found the sessions a great help with my confidence and outlook on life. Before the sessions I was unorganised and stressed with University assignments and new this had to be changed before I begin my career. The empowering session really helped me recognise that teamwork can really help with work balance issues. I was given the opportunity to learn a range of techniques to enhance my own happiness and wellbeing ready for the future.


Lisa ,19

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I've never really had a very positive outlook on life as mines been full of many ups and downs. With session 4, Angela was able to teach me the arts and skills of positive conversations which has no helped with my general outlook. With all the things she taught and spoke to me about, I am now more positive when it comes to completing everyday and more challenging tasks. Thank you Angela!


Elizabeth, 20

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Functional Fluency was something I hadn't heard about before, but with Angela's help and representation of the model, I am now able to develop positive and flexible ways of responding. With what Angela has taught me, my communication skills are now a lot better and that's going to help me when it comes to my end of term presentations. As I hope to be an Architect once I've graduated, the skills I've learnt through this mini session will stick with me forever! Thank you very much Angela, you were a great help.